Place Contestant Team 1 2
TBA Acorn Red WIN
TBA Banana Red WIN
TBA Blueberry Blue LOW
TBA Boom Box Blue IN
TBA Bush Red WIN
TBA Candy Corn Blue IN
TBA Crayon Red WIN
TBA Girder Blue IN
TBA Glasses Red WIN
TBA Hula Hoop Red WIN
TBA Lexicon Red WIN
TBA Lightning Blue IN
TBA Lip Gloss Red WIN
TBA Nacho Blue IN
TBA Scroll Red WIN
TBA Speaker Blue IN
TBA Surround Blue IN
TBA Toadstool Blue IN
TBA Violet Red WIN
20th Beanie Blue OUT


     WIN: Was on the winning team.

     IN: This contestant recieved votes for elimination, but was declared safe.

     LOW: This contestant recieved the second most votes for elimination, but was still declared safe.

     OUT: This contestant was eliminated.

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